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Bali June 2008 (Part 1: Airport)

Ahhhh! I have so much to post and I can't do it all with such slow wifi. Yes WIFI! and it's this slow... what should take seconds is taking minutes- even *whispers* google!

okay lets have a microintroduction while I wait for the first five pictures to load.

This Bali trip was planned by my class Sec 4 IGCSE2 (or my ex-class :( now ) . There are sensitive touchy touchy sentimental reasons on how and why we pieced together such a trip and why we were all willing to go- a story for next time.

Anyway these are the basic details of the Bali trip:

Duration : 5 Days 4 Nights (we returned on the day before school started)
Airline: Mandala
Duration of flight: 1.5 Hours
Accommodation: Jessica's Villa
Chaperons: Ms. Jean, Mr. Mill, Mr Erwin (yay! Underage adults)
"Chaperons": Mr Wahyu (who apparently turned invisible)
Mr Allan .T (who disappeared of the face of this earth after telling us how hardrock excited him)

Original Itinerary (This is as much as I can recall):

Day 1: Arrival at the airport
Day 2: Watersports
Day 3: Waterbom
Day 4: SHOPPING <--- Ultimate!
Day 5: Home

Part 1.


Airport, we all had to go to arrive at the airport by 8.00 or was it 8.10. I can't remember. Apparently I had overpacked. I brought 2 bags, one empty and one filled with clothes. Everyone was there, well nearly everyone except the tutors, Alda and Mega.

Cherisha had picked up the guys pretty early and I can still remember Eric commenting on how everyone was always late for school but was not late for this.

One of the most embarrassing things was Lio that it- that thing that abomination (thats the word) (ehm.) he was dressed like he was from the dump or something, wearing what he always wore everyday but to add icing on to the cake, he wore hotel sandals. Oh joy. Alda and I felt mean, but it was hilarious.

Lets not talk about dark things.

The tickets that we had managed to get hold of (thanks to Hanna) were only Rp. 800.000.00 (return tickets) per person. so thats like $80. But it was Mandala- which I had never heard of in my life till- well, till they proposed it. I had expected it to be like Adam Air- or even Lion Air (you know those planes that disappear over the Bermuda... in Indonesia's case Sulawesi, those planes that go down instead of go up, endangering countless lives of innocent humans, like- ehm me?) and I was not wrong. Except we survived. But I had come prepared, I wrapped my phone, ipod AND handphone charger in waterproof plastic....

I sat next to Asa on the plane and apparently Pinnan and her thought that it was funny when I looked like I was about to start hyperventilating during take-off. It's only the take-off that I'm afraid of. once we're in air it's like we'll never die....

Here are the pictures of us at the airport. Coincidentally, it was also Mega's 16th birthday but we planned to surprise her later.

Us waiting early in the morning.

Cherisha, Jessica, Asa, Pinan waiting in front of the airport

Cherisha and Asa

Hanna (calling Mega), Valerie, Mr Mill (that shoulder), Guido, John

Soni asleep (whats new about that?)

Cherisha & Jessica outside the terminal

The Plane.

Cherisha, Jessica & Mega Sitting behind us

Me (uhhh) and Asa

Mega!!! 16 years old... :D

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