Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bali June 2008 (Part 2: Arrival)

So after safely landing, which was no problem for me (unlike take-off) we walked out of the plane and down onto the tarmac. The noise from the turbines was almost unbearable and it took long walking down the stairs as there were so many people. It was hilarious when Eric proposed that we take a picture on the tarmac, though I would have readily agreed, if I had not thought it was against some sort of violation to stand on plane parking spaces.

It was BALI!!!!!! Being unoriginal, people (including me) kept saying, "It's been so fast, I can't believe we are finally here!"

Anyway... so we got all our luggage, which was surprisingly quick (or maybe it was because we were so overjoyed and ecstatic) and then we walked through the airport doors and into Bali.

and Bali was-


The girls got into a car, the driver was a very nice guy- whose name I can no longer recall (but I will in time I hope) he was a really nice guy, and not being able to remember his name irritates me.

The guys got into their own car, it had no driver so either Eric, Pinnan or Erwin had to drive.

As we had not seen the villa before, I had my doubts and Alda and I had long lengthly conversations on what to expect and what not, but upon arrival.... omg. omg. omg. we could have shit in our pants. It was -----

I still can't find the words for the place
beautiful? that could not describe it enough

Celestial? perhaps so, it depends on how you've lived all your life, and upon placing my gaze upon that celestial abode I was stunned, tongue-tied and guilty for doubting Jessica's word (she had said villa, but I thought Devina's Puncak villa from which I had come home with typhoid.)

OMG OMG OMG, I suppose everyone had their expectations, but they too, upon seeing it were blown entirely away (or was it just my imagination?), as if we were just sand on the beach being blown away by the villa. It was really a villa. not just an Indonesian house that was called a Villa, but a VILLA with awesome bathrooms, a villa with air conditioning, a villa with a t.v, a villa with a pool, a villa with a BEACH!

The last paragraph just makes me sound as if I've never stayed in a 5 star before. hahahaha- it's not funny- rest assured that I have though- but I have also stayed in places that may as well have been unheard of to men, and that my friends have led me to how beautiful Jessica's villa is.

The BEACH!! we dumped our bags and changed quickly into Lio's fashion (as we were now in Bali and not Jakarta) Sandals to slippers, Designer tank tops to unknown shirts, Jeans to shorts. This was Bali.

The beach was white, perfectly clean and empty. The sea was actually blue (unlike the muddy hue that you get when you spend 2 hours .... which is more than a plane trip to bali, driving) and the water was beautifully clean, crystal clear as it hit the shore- this beach it seemed was connected to Hyatt- which explained it's cleanliness.

There were little gondola's every 100 yards or so and the boys, who were easily shaken by the lack of humans (or the bule girls) had headed of to the west in search for a better and perhaps more exciting view.

The girls on the other hand, lingered awhile till we decided to sit in one of those gondolas. Hanna and I were taking pictures like crazy and in the end we had gotten Asa and Cherisha to model for truly awesome shots (which will not be posted here).

The Pictures:

The Villa:

The view of the villa from above

Hanna, getting ready for the beach

Alda and Jessica testing the bed.

Alda unpacking.

The Beach:

Joey and Eric, getting ready to give us lung cancer.

Cherisha, Alda, Jessica, Asa, Mega

Mega, Cherisha, Asa, Jessica, Alda
There are some who are physically

Soni, Valerie, Asa, Alda, Hanna, Mega, Lio, Guido, Pinnan, Erwin, Joey , John, Eric

Jessica, Mega, Alda

Mega. Perhaps the acknowledgment of her bday has led her to this.

Hanna, Jessica, Asa, Cherisha, Mega

Eric, supposed to be his casting pic


Vanesa K said...

omg. You made Bali sound heavenly. Must visit someday!

life memoirs said...

dont you wish you've had your 40D by the time you were there? :D

natasch said...

casting pic?