Sunday, August 10, 2008

Singapore July 2008 (Amazing Race Part 1)

One would hardly ever dedicate a whole blog to traveling when she barely boards planes but I have been traveling recently and am about to start traveling abit more so I decided why the heck not.


Anyway these are pictures from my trip to Singapore, where I spent the weekend at the MGS Regional Youth Confe
rence; Give Peace a Chance. Unfortunately, I didn't spend time taking pictures of the places much, which I regret. These are people pictures :D


So what exactly was the amazing race about? well it wasn't as extreme as the show on AXN instead it was an activity in which 24 groups were to participate in. Each group was named named after a country.

In my case my group was called PERU! Led by Klarissa Khor who had a very bubbly personality.

There were 7 pit stops and 7 hours to go all around Singapore, in each pit stop, we had to complete a challenge to get points.

Though we did not win, our group was awesome :D

The locations that we visited we

1. The Embassies
2. The botanical gardens
3. Newton Foodcourt
4. The Wuchang (did I spell it right) School
5. The National Library of Singapore
6. The Singapore Bridge

At the Botanical Gardens/Embassies:

The first challenge we completed was to find the addresses of various embassies in the area aided by map which eventually led us to the Botanical Gardens.

Then to complete the pit stop, the second half of the challenge was held at the botanical gardens. We had to count the number of frogs and birds on the wall. Was it 34? or 28? or 12?

For some reason I have no picture of the wall, though I am positive I took it.

BMW baby!

I suppose if you're used to traveling this way everyday it's okay, but for a person born and bred in a country where the public transport is only used by 4% of it's population (which is way more than a 2 hundred million) it is not easy at all. I suppose thats also the reason why I can't run 2.4km without dying after.

The Ez link card was mega cool! hahahahahahahaha it was a relief that I didn't have to fiddle with coins, which my friend jennifer still has.

Unfortunately due to my slow internet, this is my part one. There Are still a bunch of photos.

So you all who have been waiting a month or so for these I'll post them up later :D

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