Sunday, August 10, 2008

Singapore July 2008 (Amazing Race Part 2: Newton)

Because I'll be getting my IGCSE results tomorrow, it seems that I wouldn't be able to catch some shuteye at all tonight so I'll just continue babbling.

Newton Foodcourt:


After the botanical gardens we headed of the Newton food court.

I remember this place vividly cause I had driven from Malaysia to Singapore once and well ended up here...

Anyway, the challenge was (sorry to say) really idiotic to me as I had completely no patience for numbers at all, my estimate from the frogs and the birds thing was horrible and to locate some random number almost drove me insane.

Vanesa proposed the divide and conquer strategy which worked fairly well, cept that I didn't get to conquer cause I read the wrong number, then we had to do another mathematical conundrum, count the number of triangles in the giant triangle.

I don't know why someone even bothered noticing those triangles! but well we lost that challenge, which was a hard one, so I don't really see it as a loss, instead more of a pat on the back cause I knew almost instantly that I wouldn't have been able to bother either.

But I did attempt: i got 40 Triangles
and the answer they got was: 42
and the answer was : 44!

so kudos to me for trying and getting close.

Like every failure though, there was a consequence. We had a 5 minute penalty and had to sing a song---

but there was a glitch. It had to be in 3 Languages (oh joy right?)

Happy birthday was the easiest song. It has a universal tune & meaning and as for the languages:

we chose Chinese- so thanks lao shi (no sarcasm intended)
and English of course
and Malay.

course the malay sounded slightly odd, being so used to Indonesian, I suppose it was a minor culture shock, though I should be ashamed as I am a malay myself. Well, it was selamat hari jadi which when directly translated to Indonesian meant the day you were made. like literally.

unlike Ulang Tahun. Recurring year.

Strange. Oh well- this pretty much shows I have no talent for languages.

Anyway, I've uploaded the video since I didn't take much pictures while I was scarfing down really REALLY strange wanton mie and cendol with Vanesa who took- tiger prawn noodle ? Idk but it was seriously odd.

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Gawd.. I look dumb in most of ur candid pics!